Michael Kushner, Ph.D. - Psychologist
My Approach
People seek therapy for different reasons.  Sometimes they want to solve a specific problem; sometimes they want relief from general feelings of unhappiness or anxiety; and sometimes they want to make a change in their work or relationships.  They may also wish to be liberated from a pattern of behavior that’s not working.  You may have a combination of these issues or may just feel “jumbled” -- uncertain about the source of troubling feelings.
In all of these cases, seeking professional help is the first step: By doing so, you give substance to your wish for change and make real your wish to feel better.  Initiating therapy is a signal to yourself that you are serious about achieving these wishes and -- just as importantly -- that you are worthy of the effort to improve your life.
My approach uses analytically-informed psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.  This means that together we will seek to explore and understand the particular ways you have of reacting to events and the ways in which you relate to others -- both of which are often at the root of emotional difficulties. Over time, working this way makes it possible to address a variety of issues and get relief from emotional pain and troubling symptoms.
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